Ways to Discuss Massage Therapy Client Expectations

A client’s therapeutic needs will be met if there is a clear discussion before the massage session. 

Here are a few ways to ascertain specific expectations from your clients

  • Ask them if they have had massage before
  • If so, what type of massage was it? i.e. myofascial, swedish, shiatsu, etc.
  • Was it positive or helpful? What part was most helpful?
  • If it wasn’t helpful, what part were they dissatisfied with?
  • Did they receive treatments from the same person regularly? Was it a positive experience?
  • Besides previous massage sessions, what experience have you had with bodywork? 
  • What do you already know about massage?
  • Where did you hear about or learn about massage?
  • What results are you looking for from this session?
  • Are you willing to set up consistent appointments to address any long term issues?
  • Do you have any expectations about how long it will take to feel relief? Or how long it will take for resolution of complaints?
  • Do you have any questions about the massage and what will happen?

Do you have any questions about dis-robing or draping procedures?

Obviously there are many questions that will come up which are specific to each client’s needs, and you can tailor your questions accordingly. Or have fun making your own list of ideas you feel are relevant!

Massage Therapy and Chronic Pain…Physical, Mental, and Emotional

Massage is being used to treat a variety of conditions including chronic fatigue syndrome, repetitive stress injuries from jobs, sports and activities, as well as chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia, lupus and chronic myofascial pain syndrome. Research is showing that people living with chronic pain often experience immediate relief, and with regularly scheduled treatments, report lower levels of pain symptoms. For those living with everyday pain, massage therapy can play an integral role in the long-term management of their conditions. Obviously it is important to find professional therapists who are licensed and who understand or specialize in chronic pain management, as a thorough assessment and clear treatment plan are essential to the efficacy of treatments. So look for therapists with legitimate credentials who specialize in pain management techniques.

Another area in healthcare historically reserved for traditional western medicine, now exploring the benefits of massage therapy, is the psychology community.  The applications of manual therapy modalities are now being researched for their efficacy in the treatment of psychological disorders such as clinical depression and anxiety disorders. Massage therapy has been found to relieve the severity and duration of both, as well as speeding the healing process in post surgery and post injury patients. 

When exploring health management options, it now seems prudent to research the benefits of massage therapy in conjunction with existing treatment plans.  

Sports massage and Deep Tissue work have a lot in common

Deep tissue or Sports massage, that’s the question many people ask themselves.

It is that time of year.  We all want to get out and enjoy the spring weather.  If you are a weekend warrior or seriously training for a marathon, we all can use some help with assisting our bodies adjust to the increased work out.  I have found that the deep tissue work I have adopted has a lot in common with Sports massage techniques.  My experience allows me to know when to use deep work or lighter relaxation techniques. So whether you are needing some repair or just loosening up before the big race give me a call.

Professional, Consistant, and Personal Therapeutic Massage in Albuquerque

One of the unique differences you will be grateful for when choosing Waters Natural Therapeutics for massage, is the personal attention you receive from me. I feel it is very important for massage to have its maximum benefit for my client. My professional and personal communication provide for a road map of positive changes towards wellness. That means focused attention on specific wellness challenges for each client during each appointment, and tangible changes in a healthy direction.

Relief from TMJ Pain with Massage

Clients are frequently referred to me by dentists for massage to help with pain related to TMJ syndrome. Over the years I have developed specific techniques that clients tell me seem to provide some tangible results in pain reduction. The combination of deep tissue and trigger point work on the face, neck, and shoulder muscles help to break up the adhesion’s that often form with TMJ. Reduction of adhesion’s in the muscle results in a more natural function of the tissue and less pain.

Thanks Albuquerque Magazine!

Waters Natural Therapeutics has been named the Fifth best massage

in Albuquerque for 2009!

I didn’t even know I was in the running. A friend recently told me that the publication Albuquerque Magazine had named me as one of the best therapeutic massages in Albuquerque for 2009 and included a reference to my website, how cool! Thanks Albuquerque Magazine for noticing me  🙂